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  • Fertility Success

    Fertility Success

    A large percentage of my patients come to see me for fertility. I have clients with different concerns, some of which I will list below. The first and most important thing I explain to them is that in many cases, the simple things are the most important. Once we an rule out any structural issues

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  • The Benefits of Practitioner Only Supplements

    The Benefits of Practitioner Only Supplements

    We understand that there are many so called health products on the market that are available from chemists, supermarkets and health food stores. But do you know what you are really getting rom those ‘health’ products? Clever marketing and conflicting information can

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  • Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

    Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

    Congratulations on deciding to quit smoking. You’ve taken the first step towards better health and a huge amount of other benefits. Nicotine is known as one of the most addictive drugs. This, combined with flavour and physical habit, makes smoking extremely difficult to combat. How Can Acupuncture Help Me Quit Smoking Acupuncture helps to reduce

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  • Hemaview Live Blood Analysis

    Hemaview Live Blood Analysis

    Hemaview allows you to see the state of health of your own live blood cells, directly on a computer monitor.  The blood cells are in direct contact with most of the body and reflect the general health of all of the body tissues.  Unlike standard blood tests, Hemaview results are available immediately and may reflect

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  • Blood Type O

    Blood Type O

    Blood Type O: The Hunter Meat-eater Hardy Digestive tract Overactive immune system Intolerant to dietary and environmental changes Responds best to stress with intense physical activity Requires an efficient metabolism to stay lean and energetic The Type O Diet – Overview   Type O’s thrive on intense physical exercise and animal protein.  Their digestive tracts retain

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