What kind of bloating do you have?

Have you ever looked at your belly and noticed the amazing girth it can produce in the space of a few hours? We can go from feeling trim to bulbous and sometimes it makes no sense why.

Clients love to show me their bellies. The loud proclamation of “I look six months pregnant!”, followed by a slap of the guts is something I am witness to all too often. Bloating is annoying, uncomfortable and just downright horrible.

Take a look below to see what kind of bloating you have and the solution:


“It gets worse as the day goes on”

This kind of bloating is most noticeable in the afternoon to evening. Sara puts on her slim fit jeans in the morning only to find she is bulging over them by 3pm.

Do – Check your intake of gas forming foods such as cabbage, beans or sugar. Another reason may be that you forgot the precious H2O and you are extremely dehydrated by the afternoon causing bloating.

“I’m bloated even when I wake up”

The bloating that just won’t go away.

Doget checked for food intolerances with blood testing, you may be eating something that your body sees as foreign. Most of us don’t know our intolerances until we get them tested. Get your liver and kidneys checked at the clinic, you may be holding fluid.

“I’m farting up a storm, the gas is incredible!”

This is the embarrassing bloating, the bloating with social consequences.

Do – Don’t be shy, talk to us at the clinic. Fart is a normal word in here. Check on your consumption of gas forming foods. If you are drinking unfiltered water or have travelled overseas recently, maybe you have a bug in your gut. Bacterial or parasitic gut infections can leave us gassy and uncomfortable with irritated bowels. These are easy things to treat if you let us know asap, using anti-microbial herbs and multi-strain probiotics.

“Meat, lentils and dairy make me bloat… but I thought they were good for me”

Some of us do not carry enough digestive enzymes to digest high-protein foods well. This can happen during times of stress or if we are eating in a rush.

Do – Talk to us about the appropriate digestive enzymes you can pick up from the clinic that come in liquid or tablet form. Consider what you can change lifestyle wise to improve your digestion so that you don’t have undigested food matter moving through the bowels causing bloating.

Bloating is a sign that something’s not quite right in the guts. Lets have a chat, do some testing if required and fix it!

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